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About the project

The cutting edge research taking place at the Institutes of the Siberian Branch of RAS and the expertise of professionals in diverse areas has allowed us to commercialize the patent granted to the Institute of Catalysis.

SORBI N.4.1, a certified instrument for measuring multi-point BET, became our first commercial grade product.

Currently, we produce the following product line instruments:
Sorbi® - М
Sorbi® - МS ,
plus, the SorbiPrep® sample preparation unit.

The instruments have been certified for use throughout the Russian Federation and in CIS countries and have been metrologically verified using state standard reference samples (GSO 7912-2001).

META PLC is divided into production, services and an R & D department. The Technology Provision Center created at the Novosibirsk Technopark has enabled us to access previously unavailable technology.

Our Sorbi® lineup instruments have successfully been put into use at industrial plants, research centers and leading higher education institutions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The high reliability of our products ensures their solid position on the hi-tech market.

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