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About the project

Academpark is an integrated technology park with a special research, technology and business infrastructure creating an ideal environment for the development of innovative startups and existing innovative businesses. This is a place where R&D turns into industrial technologies.

Academpark is located on the territory of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, which has been engaged in successful development and implementation of R&D results for many years.

Academpark has a cluster structure to provide a service and technology infrastructure for the development of all business dimensions of innovative companies, catering to their technology, organization, and logistics profile.

The cluster structure:

● Specialized business incubator
● Specialized technology services
● Specialized office and laboratory premises

We offer our tenants an access to office space and specialized premises for personnel as well as laboratory, research and production facilities.
We create the best and so far Russia's only full-fledged system of technology and service support for our tenant companies.
We carry out educational projects for gifted young intellectuals and create start-up teams, bringing them to the level of independent innovative start-up businesses.
We introduce a housing program to ensure a high quality of life for the innovative companies' employees and their families.
Our integrated and balanced approach enables Academpark to evolve as an ecosystem with a pronounced synergy effect whereby all the stakeholders could effectively interact and exchange resources, capacities and competencies.

Academpark is justly seen as a Site of Innovation and Field for Investment.

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